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Back of the neck, throat, jaws and facial muscle tension are symptoms of hoarseness or vocal difficulties. In these cases, these muscles cannot contract or relax as smoothly as required. In other words, muscle contraction feels either too weak or too strong.

What to do?

You can solve this problem with three easy exercises (we recommend watching the attached video):

  1. Gargle the water while making ascending and descending tones.Drinking a sufficient amount of water, is important for several reasons:
    1. It keeps your vocal cords, and your body in general, moistened.
    2. It improves the body’s electric conduciveness, thus improving the communication between your brain and muscles, and your vocal muscles in particular.
  2. Yawning exercises: yawn several times, fully and in a row.The benefits of yawning for your vocal performance are:
    1. Release of the jaw joint muscles
    2. Release of facial, tongue and oral muscles, as well as other voice box muscles.
  1. Neck muscle release exercise: rotate your neck and head very slowly and gently, while pronouncing separate letters or whole words. This exercise is especially important, since the neck muscle is the first to be affected by tension.

So keep safe-and sound!


A TMRG Voice Specialist