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What are they for?

Vocal system symptoms, weak vocal cords, unclear sound, coarse voice, vocal cords tiredness, sinuses, and other voice-generation related problems.

It gets clearer, acquires better color, your vocal performance is evidently better, and your throat feels easy and comfortable.

Our line of products, designed to treat vocal cords symptoms, kick starts the bodily natural healing process. This involves practicing the instructions in the attached information and using the products as long as it takes.

You shall feel relieved from the very first day you use our products. The exact duration of healing depends on several conditions, such your body’s natural rate of recovery, the duration of the problem, the warts’ extent, the time you’ve been suffering from that disorder, your general physical health and immune system’s conditions, to what extent you practice the proper speaking and vocal hygiene rules, in order not to impair the recovery process. The healing may be short, but it can also take several months. Yet you should feel relieved and better off right from the start, feeling increasingly better with time.

We recommend you should use our products intensively. Once you feel a relief, reduce the dosage gradually, yet keep using them until you fully recover.