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Frequently Asked Questions

They’re for anyone wishing to treat one’s vocal problems, take vocal preventive measures, maintain one’s vocal system and improve his or her voice. Using these products prevents future ill effects, giving you a wonderful sensation of ease and relief. Singers using them, shall enjoy undreamt of vocal quality.

Our solutions help clear your voice, opening up your resonance cavities, improving your tone color, strengthen your vocal cords and help clearing excessive mucous. They are most effective in cases of mucous, allergies, stomach acidity, cold, sore throat, throat inflammation, etc. treating these disorders directly affects your vocal performance, helping dealing with hoarseness. Our powder isolates your vocal cords with a protective coating, thus rendering them better protected and more flexible, turning your vocal activity into an easy and pleasant experience. Our other products, too, are good for your vocal cords, curing and preserving them, granting an outstanding performance experience to the singers among you.

Certainly! Our experience proves that recovery starts on the very first treatment day, there is a significant improvement, with the voice starts reappearing. You must, of course, proceed with the treatment until your vocal cords fully recover.

Certainly! Use the TMRG Powerful Vocal Recovery (PVR) kit, consisting of our Classic solution Powder, Synergy oil and instructional ebook on proper speaking practices. following the regime will get your voice back into shape quickly and also help avoid repeat incidences.

Our solutions protect your voice, allowing you to fully exploit your vocal potential, possibly allowing you to make a vocal quantum leap.

Well, you probably watch your vocal cords carefully, and a singer can improve one’s voice quality by training, practice, and watching one’s vocal cords. Yet, singers using our solutions report their tone colors significantly improved, their voice getting much clearer and their performance a way better.

Use our products and information kit. If your problem is not solved completely, we recommend you should have a vocal diagnosis, with an examination and further treatment recommendations.

We recommend you should use our products intensively. Once you feel a relief, reduce the dosage gradually, yet keep using them until you fully recover.