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Our Research and development:

Our solutions have been in development for over 15 years and are continuously being perfected. We are constantly engaged in an intensive and thorough R&D on vocal problems, and our products development process involves experimenting on volunteering patients whose occupation involves using their voice. Our selected experimenters are people with extremely high sensitivities, so they could sense and report any change. They give us a detailed report on the consequences of using our products, thus validating the results. This is how we test, approve and improve our herbal remedy products, aiming at significant results in the short and long run.

Reasearch Studies on Voice Therapy

LAX VOX Voice Therapy Explained

Voice therapy may be defined as an effort to return the voice to a level of adequacy that can be realistically achieved and that will satisfy the patient's occupational and social needs.
Lax Vox is a direct technique for general use. It is a holistic and cognitive approach which gives a multichannel biofeedback . The technique uses multiple mechanisms at the same time without forcing –even without thinking!

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TVT Voice Therapy Theory and Practice

The main goal of voice therapy techniques is a target voice. Target voice maybe named as 'good', 'normal' or 'natural' voice but not everyone, especially not those who have irreversible neurologic or vocal fold lesions, can achieve a normal voice. The rational, then, is to obtain a target voice that is the best possible voice within the patient's anatomic and physiologic capabilities. Aims of a given therapy method must focus on various physical-physiological or structural-functional issues. These goals may be directly aimed or some indirect outputs of the process can be obtained.

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