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Our Expertise

An effective, herbal remedy, quick solution to vocal disorders, improving your vocal qualities and realizing your vocal potential.

About Us:

We have groundbreaking ways of dealing with vocal cords problems and vocal disorders and offer innovative herbal remedy products and solutions designed to achieve outstanding vocal performance. For the last 25 years, we have been instructing, consulting, and treating numerous singers, cantors, performing artists, lecturers, teachers, etc, from all over the worlds, who met with unprecedented success in treating hoarseness problems and other vocal disorders, dramatically changing their condition and helping them to remarkable achievements.
Among our clients are some leading singers and cantors, and we are relentlessly researching and developing new methods, gathering any useful information for the purposes of improving the way a human voice can be used for singing and speaking. Our knowledge is the fruits of many years of thorough research and long experience in instructing and guiding singers who have been, and are a great success. Statistics prove that hoarseness is widespread among those whose voice is their occupation, and sometimes, it results in the loss of one’s livelihood, dignity, and joy of life. So, we aim at helping those many desperate people who nearly gave up hope and those who want to improve their voice and protect it from potential harm.

We are contacted by many who found no solution, since widely available, satisfactory solutions for these problems are still to be found. This is because, by nature, our vocal cords are made of cartilage tissues, and they naturally wear out. The voice-producing muscles need a sufficient rest, careful diet, and lifestyle which one cannot easily practice in the modern world. Therefore, vocal disorders need a comprehensive herbal remedy treatment, including guidance and therapy for maximum effects. Thus, we work with speech therapists and vocal instructors, as part of the professional personnel dealing with voice treatment, preservation, and improvement. In order to share our acquired knowledge with as many people as possible, we hold conferences and symposiums on vocal health, cooperating with hospitals and vocal clinics. We treat our client’s vocal cords problems with a variety of essences and means which are 100 percent natural.

Our personnel includes vocal instructors, specializing in hoarseness treatment, a vocal health professor, speech therapists, naturopaths, and experts on aromatherapy, homeopathy, iridology, herbal medicine and dieticians. We use tested methods for treating vocal disorders such as hoarseness, vocal tiredness, swelling, feeble voice, vocal cords gaps, warts, polyps, cysts, etc.