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R&B Singer, Alon Kapah

Alon Kapah about TMRG product benefits

ENT surgeon and Vocology specialist , Dr. Denizoglu

Dr. Denizoglu about TMRG Voice Therapy benefits for singers


I had received the drops and tried them the way instructed in the brochure and I felt an immediate improvement in my voice sound and clarity almost as if I had done a 20 minutes warm up training. My main problems is with pitching to the lower notes that aren’t always tuned and clean, and suddenly they sounded so clear that I could hardly recognize them .


Abi Gold


I followed your instruction on what I should do when I suffer from a hoarse voice. Well, so far I have been taking the drops and it really helped. Only I didn’t take it every day and did not use it on a regular basis. Now I ran out of the drops and should order a new bottle.


Ross Harris

“Vocal disorders- vocal issues and exhaustion,  cords infection, inability to close the vocal folds these are all trivial problems which are often met by teachers and public speakers on their daily job and in some cases they are left helpless facing the situation.

For years I have been searching for professional ways that will provide a quick solution to my students’ problems because many times that’s what was needed.

Since discovering TMRG the changes continue to surprise me. The results and effects are beyond my expectations. I will definitely agree with the name some of my students attached to the formula, that is “the magic formula”.

T.P (Vocal Coach)


I will be happy to join your mailing list.

The drops were amazing they had simply ‘covered’ the vocal cords with an oily protecting layer, so that at least the first few hours passed without any problem.

Thanks to the Drops and despite the warts the events passed big time. The drops did their job just the way they were supposed to and I am grateful for that!
I recommended them  to my brother as well.
Thank you”.


“I gave  my bottle of drops to my brother  and asked him  later whether the drops have helped. He said: “The drops really helped, it’s like a drop of oil on my cords, so that for a few hours or even a day  after taking the drops one senses that everything flows effortlessly. It is truly worthwhile.

All I can add is that I have to get some more drops for myself and a few more vocal lessons as well”.

Sarah Hart

“I have been using your magic drops a lot. I Need more. Despite the disease and the weakness I suffered after the operation, I have to tell you, the color of my voice was amazing…”

A.R (considered the discovery of the Year)

“Simply a Magic cure. I know my voice will be O.K. Many thanks”

Aron Page

“The show was great. The drops worked wonderfully in addition to helping me with the allergy.”

Mike Elbi

“Thank God, the evening performance went well. It was a great success and the formula has helped me very much”.

Josef Lunz

“This is excellent! The drops are working splendid and it worked also as a cure to my allergy”.


“What a miracle, having taken the drops. Yesterday I performed for the fourth day in a row and for the first time in history my voice improved significantly with each and every performance and dose of the drops. A miracle indeed. Bless you!”

Annie Furst

“I had to report this! It’s been a most delightful evening I felt as if going back to happy days. It was fun to pitch high so effortlessly, I am so glad. Thank you, thank you, thank you”.