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Your jaw joint-the connection between your upper and lower jaw, (under your ears), is the location of more nerves than all other joints. Therefore, a few minutes of yawning exercise can release many voice muscles, such as facial, lips, and jaw muscles, and positively affect your larynx muscles. Surprisingly, it can also release muscles all over your body.


The benefits of a simple yawning exercise:

  • A smoother vocal performance, due to the release of the jaw and facial muscles
  • An increased mouth aperture, which, in turn, positively affect the pronunciation of spoken and sung words, due to increase capability of vertical, horizontal and circular jaw movement.
  • Minimizing the chances of hoarseness and other ill effects of excessive tension in the chewing muscles.
  • An easier closure of the vocal cords, increased capability of generating high tones, and of using front cavity resonance, due to the lowering of the voice box.
  • The release of calming hormones and intensified oxidation, which positively affects the entire body.


What to do?


Perform the following exercise between 3 seconds and a few minutes at a time:


  • Open your mouth wide, and start yawning.


  • Keep yawning, while slowly massaging your jaw area.
  • Inhale through your mouth, and then exhale and close your jaws.
  • While yawning, let out sigh-like sounds, which are generated spontaneously while yawning.




For maximum muscle relaxation, we recommend yawning slowly, opening your mouth wide and taking deep breaths.


So keep safe-and sound!


A TMRG Voice Specialist