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To avoid vocal damage, start your vocal system gradually!

Vocal professionals should only intensify their voices gradually.

Vocal professionals, namely singers, lecturers, and public speakers, should only intensify their voices gradually. Otherwise, vocal difficulties are expected. The gradual acceleration of your vocal cords movement is meant to build up your “vocal momentum”, which helps them operate smoothly and safely.

Therefore, we recommend taking the following precautions

  • Avoid starting your vocal daily routine with shouting, loud speaking, coughing or throat clearing. They are extremely harmful, since they rub your vocal cords against each other, wearing them off. In extreme cases, coughing and strong throat-clearing can cause bleedings, polyps, and even paralysis of your vocal cords. If throat-clearing and coughing is inevitable, make it as gentle as possible.
  • In the beginning of an intense vocal effort day, always make sure to perform vocal warm-up exercises, in order to build up what professionals call acoustic energy, which will make your voice more intense, smooth and easier to generate.

Perform the following vocal exercises:

  • First of all, a short general warm-up, such as jogging and hopping.
  • Then, A short humming, preferably with your nose closed with a nose-clip or your hand, to channel your voice to frontal resonance cavities.
  • Gargling with your mouth filled with water.
  • Short vocal exercises with a TPV device, 3-4 minute long;
    • First, inhale the vapors, to warm up your vocal cords, literally. Then exhale, while making various sounds.
    • Carry out the vocal exercisers with the water bottle filled up to one-third of capacity, gradually increasing the vocal range and water capacity. If you suffer lesions or vocal fatigue, use only one-third capacity.

(we will soon inform you about more TPV vocal exercise).

  • Use TMRG Classic Solution and TMRG Classic Spray, to increase the blood supply to your vocal cords , clear your respiratory system from phlegm, acids and bacteria, and coat your cords with a protection layer. It also regenerates the vocal cords’ outer layer.

To conclude:

It is most important start our daily vocal activity little by little, letting your voice warm up, thus gathering vocal momentum.

I am here for any question about your vocal difficulties.


Talya, a TMRG Voice Specialist

So keep safe-and sound!