If you suffer from vocal folds ailments like warts, polyps, cysts, edemas, or any other vocal folds ailments, you should consult a doctor, of course, but be aware that doctors cannot always pinpoint your problem. As some doctors admit, off the record, “medicine is the science of uncertainty”.

Very often, various ear-nose-throat (ENT) doctors may give the same patient extremely different and even contradictory diagnoses. For example, one doctor diagnosed the problem as bleeding polyp, while another one, a week later, diagnosed as a combination of a polyp, a cyst and a wart. Even the latest technology does not always guarantee the correct diagnosis.In the words of a prominent ENT specialist, “the more advanced technology we use, the more clearly we see how little we know about the human body”.


Possible reasons of vocal folds ailments

A benign ailment usually results from an overstraining of your vocal folds, as well as immune system deficiency.

(Excessive use of steroids, could also disrupts normal bodily processes and reduces the so-called “immune system alertness”.)


The pros and cons of surgery

Surgery should be the very last resort, in case of life-threatening problems. In any other case, we recommend to start with conservative treatment. This is so because one can never foresee all the possible consequences of a surgery.

In some cases, even after the ailment is removed surgically, it may recur. It is as if your body never forgets how to generate ailments. Therefore, despite all the measures you take, hoarseness could be back, with a vengeance.


So what can we do?

We, at TMRG Voice Solutions, prefer relying on preventive medicine before the ailment occurs. In other words, it is better to be safe than sorry. But, once you start suffering folds ailments, the best treatment is a combination of TMRG solutions, sufficient vocal rest, and appropriate vocal exercises. The right treatment should just help natural recovery processes. You can help it by taking the following measures:

·Using TMRG herbal solutions. If you suffer from vocal stress frequently, you should always keep, at home or with you, a couple of TMRG solutions.

·Practicing vocal exercises and muscle-flexibility exercises;

·Following the rules of vocal hygiene;

·Following a healthy lifestyle, especially making sure to have a sufficient rest before and after any major vocal effort.


In an increasing number of cases, such treatment succeeded in curing totally ailments, without surgery.


To conclude

Your body’s capability of recovery is much higher than you believe. So, if you follow the vocal hygiene rules supported by TMRG Powerful Vocal Recovery Kit and carefully avoid potential causes of ailments, you can keep your vocal system intact for a very long time and even recover from vocal folds ailments such as discussed above.


Good luck!


A TMRG voice specialist