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Wintertime conditions inevitably create vocal discomfort, sore throat, and pains following a vocal performance. These, in turn, cause hoarseness, vocal cords lesions, such as warts, edemas and polyps.


You can easily treat and even prevent all these problems.


What to do?

First, have a vocal rest and drink a lot of water all day long.

In addition, carefully avoid, or at least minimize coughing and throat clearing, the inevitable effects of wintertime sicknesses and vocal discomforts, in order to avoid wearing off and seriously damaging your cords.

If this doesn’t help, you can use a combination of relaxation of vocal muscles, with herbal medicine and inhalation.


This is where TMRG Voice therapy kit (TVT) steps in:

  • Our synergy oil and herbal medicine solutions offer an immediate relief, clearing your throat from inflammations, excessive acidity and phlegm, and shorten the mucous tissues or cords recovery from damage or wear-off
  • Exercising with TPV device offers a combined effect of vocal cords stretching and vapor inhalations, which relieves your vocal cords strain, as well as disinfecting and moisturizing your throat. All it takes is just a few-seconds exercise combined with a short inhalation.



What to do?

You should perform exercise and inhalation with the TPV, alternately, each for a few seconds at a time.

The exercise must follow the inhalation, which moisturizes the throat and relax your vocal muscles.

Then, you should exercise your vocal muscles, to stretch and contract them, in order to prepare them for normal functioning.


The combined effect will be enhanced flexibility and strength of your

This treatment offers both an immediate relief as well as dealing with the cause of the problem and a long-term improvement. Most importantly, you can always use it whenever necessary.

Carefully remember to combine exercises and solutions.

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