How to use the ‘Hidden Frequency’ to enhance your voice and make it stronger ?

We often wander why certain speakers or singers have a very strong and healthy voice. What is their secret?

First, bear in mind that the heard intensity of your voice is not directly proportionate to the amount of energy you spend on generating your voice. Rather, by spending a small amount of energy, you can achieve a greater effect. All it takes is an understanding of the enormous acoustic potential of your body. So if you use it skillfully, you can enhance and improve your voice, using the ’hidden frequency’ of your voice.

This frequency vibration enriches the sound of your voice with a special glamour, making it fully resonate, and enhance its strength up to five times the average.

Sinuses’ contribution to voice generation

One way of generating a strong voice is fully using the cavities in your head, where the voice resonates, reverberates and intensifies, in addition to the vocal tract from the voice box to the oral cavity. When echoing and reechoing through your head’s cavities, your voice is enriched and intensified.

Therefore, to enhance your voice and vocal strength, you should make a maximum of all your various resonance cavities.

To sense and learn how to use the resonance cavities of your head, perform the following exercises:

Exercise 1: Using the vocal resonances

Close your nostrils with your fingers, in order to confine a greater amount of sound inside. This should give you a greater resonance volume, making the sound move back and forth, in different directions, compressing it against the cavities walls, improving its acoustics. You can also seal your nostrils with clothespins or TMRG’s nose-clips.

It is important to practice this technique, so eventually, you could ‘close’ your nostrils using your vocal muscles only.

Exercise 2: Forcing your larynx down and increasing the oral cavity:

Now, in addition to exercise 1, you should enlarge your voice box volume and strain your voice box muscles down.

  • Pretend you start yawning, in order to move your back palate slightly up, stressing your oral cavity and moving your voice box down.
  • Now, pronounce a guttural “A” several times. This, too, should help you force your larynx down and expand your oral cavity.
  • Start relaxing the Adam’s apple area muscles by rubbing them slightly, with minimum movement, mildly pressing them downwards. During the rubbing, repeatedly pronounce the guttural “A”, in addition to the initial yawning. To enhance the effect, we also recommend rubbing with TMRG’s Voice Synergy Oil.
  • Now, simultaneously, start taking deep and slow breaths through your nose.

After you learn how to simultaneously perform the nose-sealing, directing the sound to the sinuses, and extending your voice box and relaxing vocal muscles, you will greatly enhance your voice and you’ll be surprised to hear your voice stronger and more vibrant.

Good luck!


Voice Specialist