Since time immemorial, medicinal herbs have been known and used, , as effective treatment of many diseases, and have a millennia-long record of successfully curing them. Recent scientific research, too, demonstrated the effectiveness of medicinal herbs in curing many ailments. Through many years of testing we have found that herbal medicine effects on the vocal system are especially potent.

TMRG solutions combine medicinal herb essences with essential oils, each and every one of which are antiseptic, that is, kill harmful microorganisms, and are excellent means of treating wounds and preventing mucous membranes infections. We recommend using them in cases conventional medicine is useless or fails to sufficiently solve the problem and, of course, as a prophylactic measure and for improving your vocal quality.

TMRG treatment focuses on combining natural medicines with professional instructions of the patient, allowing him to be responsible for one’s own healing.

Your introduction to TMRG products may be your chance of quitting the habits which had started your vocal disorder.

All we care about is the patient’s needs, and therefore it is important to combine a diagnosis, or, in extreme cases, treatment, by an ENT doctor, TMRG solutions treatment, the patient’s speech therapist and vocal pedagogue treatment. Sometimes, a long treatment is required, since the herbal essence effect is in the long-run, but very often, they have immediate effects. Utilizing the herbal medicine effects on the vocal system, TMRG products can help recover from almost any vocal problem quickly and effectively.

Faithfully keeping your voice intact