An intense cough, or a sequence of serious coughs, may have many harmful effects on your vocal cords, from mild hoarseness to worse damages such as lesions, bleeding, etc.


The causes of coughing

Coughing is a physical natural reaction to the entry of waste or foreign particles to the system, aimed at preventing suffocation.

But, once you use coughing to clear your throat from obstructions, or excessive phlegm and acids from your breathing system, it can be harmful. In such a case, instead of solving the problem, coughing may cause ongoing vocal cords damage.

In such a case, coughing provokes coughing, which, in turn, generates inflammation.


How to deal with persistent coughing:


  • Buy flax seeds in a naturopathic pharmacy or even in a supermarket, boil one spoonful in two cups of water, let it cool down, filter and drink it. This should soften and relax your throat.


  • Use TMRG Voice Powder, to remove excessive phlegm and acidity, and soften the coughing. This powder is also a general solution for hoarseness, vocal cords warts, and vocal cords wear-off problems.



So keep safe-and sound!

Talya, a TMRG voice specialist