Since your larynx, which contains your voice-box, is located in the upper part of your respiratory system, its performance is often affected by respiratory system’s conditions.

Modern convenience-oriented food and lifestyle is the cause of many chronic respiratory conditions, such as post-nasal drip ( a mucous congestion in the larynx which impairs voice generation), various respiratory allergies, asthma, etc.

Another cause is the increased exposure to contaminants, such as dust, gasses (e.g. nitrogen, CO2, or Ozone) and fine breathable particles of less than 2.5 microns, such as industrial waste, sulfur dioxide, soot, and lead compounds.

Generally speaking, vocal professionals such as singers, lecturers and public speakers, are more affected by air pollutants than others, since they must take deeper breaths.



Important note: TMRG does not deal with malignant vocal chords conditions. Nonetheless, our methods might help vocal cords movement recovery and vocal quality improvement, under such circumstances as well.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and using natural healing methods is the best way of long-term protection of as well as an immediate relief for your vocal system.

TMRG aims at providing radical solutions for most vocal issues, thus reassuring vocal professionals and saving them from unnecessary, non-life-saving surgeries.

We recommend, among other things, to perform a decontamination of your respiratory system, since it is a very effective natural healing method.

But first, here are some prevention tips:

  • Breathe through your nose:this is the natural and healthiest way to breathe.This way, the air flows through the natural protective filters of your respiratory system.
  • Install an air-purifier in your workplace or bedroom:this device is important mostly for young children, who are more vulnerable to contamination due to their smaller bodies.
  • Wear a facemask, especially if you are a cyclist:cyclists are more vulnerable to contaminants since they strain their hearts and lungs more intensely.
  • Avoid staying out long in days of an unusually high air pollution level, if you have a vocal performance that day, are prone to allergy, asthma, or have a heart condition.

Respiratory system Decontamination

Perform the following procedures for an entire month, twice a year, in springtime and in the autumn (if you are a vocal professional, perform it all year round, when necessary):

  • Sinuses washing:clean your nasal cavities with TMRG’s user-friendly sinus-washer.
  • A TPV inhalation, using TMRG Synergy Oil:this process is highly recommended for vocal professionals since it disinfects the vocal cords and moves them.

So keep safe and sound (pun intended)!


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