I often hear vocal specialists recommending hoarse people to have a several days’ silence.

Surprisingly, in some cases, silence may make your hoarseness permanent, instead of helping it go away.

As it turned out, even when there are vocal cords damages, a mild rubbing of the vocal cords against each other can, paradoxically, cure and blot out the damage.

Very often, the way to handle hoarseness is to mildly move your vocal cords

The cases in which silence or reducing speech are helpful are usually the height of a viral or bacterial inflammation, following a surgery, when ordered so by an ENT doctor, or in cases of acute hoarseness.

Keeping a complete silence may result in a vocal cords fatigue, and, instead of relieving your hoarseness, it will prolong it and sometimes even make it worse. It’s like the great fatigue one feels after avoiding physical exercise.

The best exercise in cases a mild vocal cords movement is required is the drinking cane exercise:

Blow bubbles through a drinking cane, into a cup filled up to one third of it with water, making rising and descending sounds.

Faithfully keeping your voice intact