TMRG solutions consist of herbal essences and oils. Each plant used for making these solutions contains three main groups of effective materials:

  1. Flavonoids and flavones,the effects of which are strengthening the vocal cords, shortening natural processes of recovery from injuries, or preventing them altogether. These oils help to maintain and strengthen the connective tissue, as well as minimizing the capillary permeability to harmful intrusions, which allows the tissues to protect themselves against injuries. These materials also serve to enhance the immune system.
  2. Saponines,which serve to enhance and intensify the immune system operation.
  3. Terpenes:these are volatile essential oils, every one of which is antiseptic. That is, they very effectively kill harmful micro-organisms, and therefore significantly contribute to the recovery and healing of vocal cords area, and even help preventing vocal cords injuries. Using some of our terpenes, you should also feel their effects on central nervous system, namely muscle relaxation, calming down, and antispasmodic effect.

These materials have synergistic effect that enhances their potency. 5 Years of trials and test of different mixes and ratios, together with professional singers and vocal coaches who are extremely sensitive to their voice’s performance, have achieved an optimized and highly potent solution.

We also have our powder, made of medicinal herbs rich in mucilage, which relieve and protect the irritated or inflamed tissue. This medicinal herb powder relieves the irritation of the vocal cords, and also affects other internal organs, protecting and desensitizing the cords to harmful stomach acids. It has the additional effect of reducing muscle contraptions generating spasms, thus relieving cough.

We also offer herbal solution formula for physical and mental relaxation by relaxing the nervous system. Since singers and lecturers usually suffer serious tension, due to their occupation, the regular use of herbal solution reduces tension, over time. It also directly invigorates the nervous system.

Always taking care of your Voice