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How to find and treat the two main causes of heartburn and acid reflux?



Nearly 80 percent of those who ask for TMRG’s help with their vocal issues, even those who have no local cords lesion, complain about acidity. This problem is widespread among vocal professionals.

The two main causes of acidity that harms your vocal cords are overly acidic stomach, but also its opposite, namely low stomach acid. Nonetheless, their symptoms are very similar: acids rising from the stomach to the larynx. As a result, the vocal cords cannot operate optimally, thus harming your vocal performance. In some cases, the acids are strong enough to cause burns in the vocal cords.

Usually, ENT doctors only diagnose and treat one cause of the problem, namely the excess of acidity. Therefore, all those who complain about acidity conditions are given anti-acid pills. When taken for a long time, these pills may cause low acidity. This, in turn, might result in the presence of harmful bacteria and parasites in the stomach, nutrients deficiency due to incomplete digestion and absorption of food, and general health damage.

In addition, a low acidity in the stomach may cause a fermentation incompletely digested proteins. This, in turn, will make acids rise to your esophagus and even higher, to your larynx.

Therefore, in such a case, we recommend limiting the duration of treatment. We also recommend consult a dietician or a naturopath, who can prescribe a customized digestive enzymes, probiotics, and herbal medicine treatment.


How to diagnose the real cause?

Carry out the Lemon Test (many of our patients claim this test to be an effective way of detecting the real cause of their heartburn):

Squeeze half a lemon, mix it with water, and drink it, before, (or after) a protein meal. Instead of lemon, you can drink a couple of tablespoonful, of vinegar with water before the meal.

If, after drinking, your heartburn gets worse, and you suffer from stomach burns, sweating, and stomach aches, it means you have an overtly acidic stomach.

If your heartburn symptoms get better, and your meal is digested more easily, it means you suffer from an underproduction of acid.

Since the stomach acid level may change over time, we recommend carrying out this test several times, to verify the results.


  • In case of underproduction of stomach acid:use TMRG Voice Saline Oil Spray. Usually, it will clear the excessive acid immediately. This should be a part of a comprehensive treatment, until you get your diet balanced.
  • In case of overly acidic stomach:use TMRG Voice Powder. This will cover your cords as well as your stomach inside with a protective coating, effective in the former case as well. This will also make your cords more flexible, allowing them to move more smoothly, and help your body get rid of excessive acid.
  • Exercise your vocal muscles with TPV device, mostly by breathing in. The breathing, overcoming the water resistance, will make your respiratory muscles stronger and your diaphragm more flexible. Experts claim diaphragmatic muscle tone to prevent acid reflux. Use a greater amount of water than usual, to increase the resistance, breathing in as long as possible and expanding your rib cage

We also recommend using the new TPV Adapter, to increase the resistance during exercising.


So keep safe-and sound!


A TMRG Voice Specialist