Hoarseness? Swollen tonsils? Vocal cords lesions? Any unspecified discomfort, pain or fatigue, with no specific symptoms? Do you need traditional voice spray or herbal based voice spray medication? Some of the following tips must work for you.

Some basic tips:

  • Have a vocal rest whenever you feel vocal difficulties. Namely, make sure to speak at an intensity lower than usual. In extreme cases, keep silent for a few hours.
  • Always make the sure drink a lot. Insufficient drinking leaves your vocal cords dry, which means troubles.
  • Breathe through your nostrils, to prevent your vocal cords from getting dried. Practice nose-breathing by tightening your lips.
  • Use your TPV device at least twice a day. First, release your vocal cords by making ascending and descending tone, while breathing in. Then, inhale the hot vapors for at least 10 minutes.
  • We recommend using a voice spray like TMRG Classic Spray and TMRG Voice Saline Oil Spray, as well as other herbal and traditional medicines.
  • Wash your nostrils with a Neti Pot. You can also gently wash them with lukewarm, slightly salted water.


  • Massage your vocal organs:
    • Massage your throat gently with your thumbs, moving towards your ears.
    • Massage your earlobes, pinching them several times.
    • Massage the lower part of lower jaw gently, using your thumb.
    • Massage your face in several ways:
      • Drop one drop of TMRG Synergy Oil on your hand, and rub your hands together.
      • Now, close your eyes and massage your whole face from your forehead down, including your lips, jaws, and ears.
      • Repeat the process several times, and then massage your shoulder blades.
      • Repeat the process, now moving upwards.
    • Massage your nostrils, pressing and rubbing it with your thumb and index finger several times.
    • Massage your upper lip. This helps to unblock sinuses and airways.
    • Slightly pat your ribcage while making a long “ah” sound.

So keep safe and sound (pun intended)!


A TMRG voice specialist