Better to be safe than sorry, be prepared for Wintertime Vocal Issues!


Any sore throat and discomfort, no matter how mild, might evolve into serious hoarseness and pains. Any such pains or discomfort should serve as a warning against making a vocal effort, which might have harmful effects.Woman suffering from winter throat pain Once you experience such discomfort, treat them as soon as possible.The sooner you start treating it, the more likely you are to handle the problem of Wintertime Vocal Issues. Resuming your normal vocal efforts without treating the problem will only worsen the condition.

What to do?

Preventive measures:
    • In order to overcome the problem, your body needs all the energy it can muster. Therefore, have a sufficient rest. Make sure to sleep over 6 hours a day, continuously, in order to enhance your immune system so you can avoid Wintertime Vocal Issues
    • Stay in hot yet well-ventilated spaces;
    • Spray TMRG Voice Saline Oil Spray into your mouth. When near people with cold-related issues, for disinfection.

Treatment of actual cold-related conditions

    • Make sure to drink 8 to 12 cups of water a day, since fluids drain your body off infectious materials.
    • In addition, it is advisable to drink soups, such as chicken soup with garlic, green onions, and white onion.
    • Mix half a spoonful of salt with half a spoonful of saffron and half a cupful of hot water, gargle, and spit.
    • Drink a spoonful of honey mixed with a spoonful of apple vinegar, dissolved in hot water.
    • Mildly heat a spoonful of olive oil or alcoholic drink, and rub your rib cage area with it.Then, Cover your rib cage area with cotton-made or tight-fitting fabric clothes.

It is highly recommended to inhale vapors, especially through TPV device. The Therapy involving the TPV device will significantly shorten your vocal cords recovery, and improve your vocal quality from the Wintertime Vocal Issues.