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We know your consider yourself a trained vocalist. So, why do you keep having these vocal problems?

All vocal coaches will tell you that your are just not trained enough and with more training you will not have these vocal problems. But with all the training in the world they still come back!!

Doctors will tell you that you should just stop singing until things get better. Or even worse go into surgery and risk your voice and livelihood to “remove” the problem. But even if you did, they always come back!!

So you try these home remedies, and they sometimes improve the situation a little, but not fast enough and the problem comes back!!!

So you then try some drops or syrups that you find in your local pharmacy but they are only a little better then the home remedies!!!

But no more!!!

TMRG has developed a series of 100 % natural products – each product is a professional treatment for a specific vocal problem.

TMRG Solutions were developed by the TMRG Vocal Institute. After 20 years of vocal coaching and different vocal problems  we understood that no amount of coaching will by itself prevent vocal problems. Like professional athletes, no matter how trained, ALWAYS suffer injuries, so will the most trained vocalist lose their voice.  So we set our goal to uncover, quick effective solutions to treat existing problems and prevent complications (vocal afflictions) while raising the singer’s awareness of underlying tools and guides for protecting the vocal cords and reaching peak voice capacity.

After 10 years of development and testing on thousands of vocalists that helped perfect our natural formula, we now offer a suite of products that can bring your voice back and prevent further problems.

But wait ! We found out that not only do these solutions repair and protect your voice they help enhance your vocal performance.

Vocal cords are cartilage tissue and intense use will strain and erode them under heavy load even for the most trained singers. Our solutions provide appropriate protection for singers to help avoid the erosion and allow for easier production of more vibrant notes.