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Why do you keep losing your voice?

Vocal coaches will tell you that you are not trained. Doctors will tell you that you need to rest or go through steroid injections or surgery .  You even tried all the home remedies.

But problems keep coming back! Why?

Vocal cords are cartilage tissue and intense use will strain and erode them under heavy load.  Like professional athletes, no matter how trained, who ALWAYS suffer injuries, so will the most trained vocalist lose their voice.

Following intensive use and continuous vocal exertion many teachers, public speakers, salespeople, or anyone who uses his voice a tool of the trade suffer severe vocal problems.

Our professional solutions provide appropriate protection for teachers and public speakers to quickly recover their voice and if used regularly help avoid further erosion and recurrence of problems.

Vocal coaching is important but cannot completely prevent and cure vocal problems.  Therefore throughunique advancements that were made by TMRG Solutions’ experts and researchers with over 20 years of experience in the field of sound and natural medicine we have developed a range of unique professional solutions for various vocal problems.